• Employment and Labor Law

    On all aspects of employment law, we represent our client before Swiss courts, arbitral tribunals and administrative agencies in the following areas:

    • Employment agreements for senior and regular employees

    • Modern working methods (part-time employment, freelance etc.)

    • Employment regulations (employee handbooks, working time regulations and flexible time schemes, company car policies, expense policies etc.)

    • Bonus, incentive and employee participation programs

    • Compensation and benefits programs for senior employees

    • Safety at work and working time according to public labour law

    • Non-compete covenants

    • Employee inventions, designs and works of authorship

    • Termination of employment relationships

    • Termination agreements and garden leave

    • Mass dismissals

    • Redundancy programs

    • Collective labour law

    • Reorganisations and restructurings

    • Hiring-out of employees

    • Equal treatment of women and men

    • Conflicts at the workplace (mobbing, sexual harassment etc.)

    • Participation of employees (workplace representation)

    • Trade disputes (strikes etc.)



  • Pensions

    • Drafting and application of pension regulations

    • Partial liquidations (e.g., in relation with reorganisations and restructurings)

    • Early or postponed retirements

    • Buying-in of past services

    • Coordination of payments of the employer with pension fund benefits (e.g., in relation with redundancy programs)

    • Pensions and cross-border secondments

  • Immigration

    We advise individuals on self-employment status in Switzerland

  • Data Protection

    • Processing of personal data during the employment relationship

    • Monitoring of employees